Sales conditions


Our sales personnel carefully go over the set orders so we will not assume any responsabilities on any errors. So it is preferred to send them via email or fax.


Prices are unitary and without VAT and Ex Works.


Goods travels at your own risk even if it is sold CIP. Shippment prices are at cost. No amends are forseen in case of missed delivery in due times. In case of shortfal or damaging, the customer will make shipper write up the minute for the shippment company before goods are collected and claim for damages.


Invoice payment must be carried out as scheduled before the delivery and noticed in the selling invoice.

After 15 days from the scheduled payment term, late charge will be applied as provided for the laws in force.

Returned goods:

Each returned good must be authorised. Each items must be strictly returned only in their original packages together with their DDT and its specification. Shipping cost for any substitution o returned goods is in charge of the customer.


Any complain must be strictly come to within 10 days from the selling invoice. For any hidden fault laws in force will be applied. If complains are well-timed and valid, we are forced to replace faulty materials and if it is not available in our storage, customer must wait untill ti will be delivered again and no other amends will be applied. Any spare parts are in charge of the customer who is obliged to wait shippment times unpretentious. Froman Group is not allowed in the installation of the tools in the catalogue or in the website.


Delivery terms are as a rough guide, any delay cannot lead up to any claim fo damages or revocation boards nor partialy.


For any disputes the court of Nola shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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