Froman Group, a long story made up of people, faces, passion and daily work. Everyday repeated actions, with the same care, yesterday as now guarantee to all of you the same quality and the same service with the purpose, and deep satisfaction, to offer to our customers a unique "partner" for each needs related to their profession.

In those 20 years we have been always present and watchful to improve in some respects, productive and qualitative, and if we are still present with new initiatives in this moment of economic deep slump, it is because we have first of all listened and followed your advices and that is why we would like to thank you. We have been very conscious of the importance of a continuos professional adaptation, to give to each customer qualified, well-timed and clear answers in a more than ever complex market. Those extremely positive results give us a major responsibility facing people who believe in our enterprise and in our service. We are since now ready to start new and useful collaborations with our clients, guarantee service quality and to show our profitable sales conditions we have decided to apply.


Nowdays more than ever we are discovering an increasing passion which still drive us to build together with you our future...

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